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Master Power turbocompressors

Master power

• Master Power Company was founded in 1966 by Nelson Borghetti in Brazil.

• The company specializes in the manufacture of turbocompressors for various types of engines since 1970.

• The company manufacturing turboconpressors more than 40 years, and accumulated vast experience and get a worldwide reputation as leader in industry.

The company today

• The company produces 180,000 turbocompressorss a year.

• Master Power supply their products more than 50 countries.

• Master Power is a serius player in the automarket. The company also supply turbocompressors to original producers. Master Power collaborates with such companies as: MTU Marine Engines, Fiat, VSE.
Now Master Power is in talks with Mercedes.

• Master Power have partnership with Mahle company.

• Master Power has certificate ISO / TS 16949.

• Master Power is a large and well-known brand in the market of turbocompressors in North and South America, Asia with an excellent reputation.

• The company use modern technologies
and unique materials, developed in collaboration with government laborotories.

The advantages of the company's products

• High quality products.

• Using unique materials in production.

• The warranty from the manufacturer.

• Perfect Master Power turbocompressors can compete with the well-known original turbine manufacturers.

• All products have been marked in accordance with the legislation of the Russian laws.

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