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Fritec break pads

About the company.


The Fritec company was founded in 1977 in Mexica.

Fritec is leading producer of ceramic pads in the world.

The company manufacturing brake pads more than 30 years, and accumulated vast experience and get a worldwide reputation as leader in industry.

The company today

• The company has more than 20 factories in Mexico.

• Factory is the largest manufacturer of ceramic pads in the world, the largest manufacturer of pads in Latin America for automobile market and for original producers.

• Fritec produce pads for: trucks, passenger cars, construction equipment, military and armored cars, motorcycles and for taxis.

• Fritec products supply more than 30 countries.

•The company has certificate ISO 9001: 2008. (To view the certificate, go to the section of the certification of production).

•Fritec has one of the most advanced labs in the industry and cooperates with international laboratories such as Greening and Link.

The advantages of the company's products

• High quality of products is confirmed by not only certificates of world labs, but daily using of millions drivers aall over the world.

• Fritec labs use unique nanotechnologies in production.

• Perfect features of ceramic pads Fritec can not only compete with other brands of pads of the previous generation ( without ceramics), but has reputation as the most logical and effective solution for brake systems. To see the benefits of pads Fritec you can read the description of ceramic pad and look at the results of tests with different known hauliers in Russia and in the world.

• All products have been marked in accordance with the legislation of the Russian laws.

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