Представительство заводов - изготовителей автокомплектующих
для грузовых и легковых автомобилей
Качество, проверенное дорогами...

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Welcome to the website of the company "Juventa" (Ювента)

Our company is the exclusive representative in Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe, such brands as: Master Power, Schadek, Tecfil, Fritec, Wayser.

All our brands that we represent in Russia and Eastern Europe, are OEM suppliers, or they supply famous brands.

The main aim of the company is the marketing of high-quality parts that would compete with the parts from Western Europe. For a very short period, we have successfully demonstrated the advantage of our brands. Our Brands have international certificates as: ISO, TUW, ECER90, OHSAS. And they also have certificates from their major customers, such as DAIMLER Group, MAN, VolksWagen, NISSAN, TOYOTA and others.

Similarly, we and our partners tested quality of products in the harsh conditions of Russia.

In short period our brands have earned the trust and respect. And every day, more and more companies and consumers prefer our brands.